Chalet Du Chêne: Eco

Chalet du Chene has been designed to be as eco-friendly as possible and features a state of the art Biomass boiler, solar water, class leading insulation and rainwater harvesting.

The strength of green oak means there is no requirement for chemical treatment of the beams and as such allows us to banish these toxins from the living space. Constructed with Normandy oaks and handcrafted on-site by award winning oak frame specialists Westwindoak, this is an exceptional chalet.

Insulated with pre-cut and formed SIPS panels has saved much waste on the build and allows the chalet to benefit from near passive house standards of insulation when coupled with the argon filled glazing which is south faced to create a heat sink in the build.

The stone entrance and many features of the basement have been reclaimed from a abandoned farm in the next valley – allowing us to have a new-chalet which looks externally as though it has sat for centuries. In addition, all the slates on the roof are reclaimed Morzine slate and fit beautifully with the oak features.

We purchase food without excessive packaging where possible and everything is produced from base ingredients. Ingredients are mainly seasonal and are sourced locally in mind of where it has come from (e.g. apples from France, not America). Meat and dairy is ethically sourced to ensure their wellbeing as well as quality of produce.

Reduce, recycle, reuse

We recycle virtually all waste food, plastics, glass, paper and metals all get separated and recycled.


Cleaning products are supplied by Method. They make non-toxic planet and people friendly cleaning products using natural plant derived formulas. Because it is natural, there are no harsh chemicals and as such is a very safe and green way to keep the chalet gleaming. Bottled in recycled and recyclable packaging, the company has won global praise for its eco working ethics. Big Green Smile supply our chalet cleaning needs, check out their range at: http://www.biggreensmile.com